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We all know that empty space behind the sofa that is never utilized well enough. Hence why this sofa table is so popular and practical! Great not only for behind the sofa, but many of those long void spaces in our homes, such entrances or hallways.

This sofa table instantly converts the behind-the-sofa space into a little bar or extra seating for family gatherings when the sofa is just not big enough.




This sofa table is made of high quality steel, fabricated to perfection and for long lasting. We finish the legs with powder coating or durable clear coating if you like the rustic look and have the raw metal shine through, whichever fits the style of your home or even cottage.

You can pick the wood you would like, and we finish it with a durable clear satin coating for long lasting. For pine wood only, we offer different stain options.

Classic Sofa table

SKU: F005
PriceFrom C$395.00
Excluding GST/HST |
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